God Is Not Found Through Science

Roy Dreher, no The American Conservative:

I am not philosophically sophisticated enough to respond on this point, but my view is this: order in creation does not prove God, but it is a sign pointing to God. Even if God’s existence could be proved, it changes nothing; even the devil believes in God, but rejects Him. God desires to live in communion with us. Recognizing His existence with the intellect is only a start. He wants not our minds, but our hearts. In Kierkegaardian terms, God is a subjective truth — a truth that can only be known by appropriating it with the most passionate inwardness. We don’t know God like we know the Second Law of Thermodynamics; we know God like we know the love of our father. Science can be a signpost on the way to God, but no more than that. A God whose existence can be proven is not God.